If you are looking for a wolf pendant that will accommodate numerous necklaces, we recommend a standing chest with a necklace carousel or necklace hooks. The tall chests range in height from 13 to 18 inches. We prefer the necklace carousel because it allows you to store more than one necklace on a hook and it will not diminish your ability to view your necklaces easily. The carousel also twirls allowing you to find what you are looking for quickly. The 2nd is a basic style with 3 to 5 hooks on each side of the box. You can also store more than one necklace on each hook with this style, but you loose the ability to view the necklace towards the back. The height of these chests will allow the necklaces to fully hang without a lot of “bunching” on the bottom.

We do not recommend a smaller jewelry box which allows necklaces to hang in the lid or in the back of the jewelry box. If you have a few necklaces, this style will be fine, but if you have a large necklace collection, this style will quickly become inconvenient. Mele Companies offers a great selection of jewelry boxes that will accommodate large or small collections of necklaces.

Another alternative is an Omega Necklace jewelry case. This type of case offers safe storage for your necklaces in the drawers. Each drawer can accommodate 1 to 4 necklaces, depending on thickness. The necklaces are secured by leather straps which snap into place. Wolf Designs offers a very nice leather Omega Necklace Jewelry Case.

Another alternative is to purchase a style with “open” trays. The “open” tray will allow you to lay your necklaces flat on the tray. You should be able to store approximately 5 to 10 necklaces per tray with this style. This is a great alternative for someone that prefers a smaller jewelry box.

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